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Acne-Prone Skin Care Routine & Tips

Acne-Prone Skin Care Routine & Tips


Acne-Prone Skin Care Routine & Tips

If you have acne-prone skin and try to treat pimples as they pop up — but forget about your skin in between — well, simply put, you’re probably perpetuating a cycle of breakouts.

In fact, with acne-prone skin, if you react to a pimple once it reaches the surface, that pimple most likely started forming weeks ago. Even if you are able to manage that one, in another three weeks, you’ll just have another one to contend with. While an acne spot treatment is a great solution in an emergency, simply applying acne treatments to parts of the face each time you need it means you’ll never get ahead of the breakout-development process.

Instead, developing an acne skin care routine will help you get and keep clear skin. Neutrogena researchers have discovered you can break the cycle by adopting an acne-prone skin care regimen that fights pimples before they start. Instead of waiting for them to reach the surface, they say, focus on a full-face routine with effective products you use every day rather than resorting to quick fix treatments when a spot appears.

Cleanser, Moisturiser and Sunscreen

The first step to an effective clear skin care routine? The right cleanser — which removes oil and dead skin cells and keeps the pores open — does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to acne prevention.

Experts recommend salicylic acid cleansers or scrubs, like Neutrogena®’s classic Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Wash or Neutrogena® Oil-Free Pink Grapefruit Scrub, which perform the daily duty of removing dirt and grime so your skin never gets congested.

The key? Use your desired cleanser twice a day, every day, so the debris never has the chance to build up on your face.

If you have mild acne, an acne wash plus a light moisturiser and sunscreen (try Neutrogena® Ultra Sheer® Clear Face Lotion for residue-free protection) might be all you need to stay ahead of the acne game.

The Real Secret? Do It Twice a Day

If your acne is a little more stubborn, you might want to follow your cleanser with a treatment, like Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Scrub, which is formulated with salicylic acid and designed to be used on all of your face, twice a day, to treat existing acne, help prevent breakouts, and help you get clear skin.

You’ll want to follow your treatment with a light moisturizer and sunscreen, to ensure that your skin is protected from UV damage..

Whether you decide to choose individual products or a ready-made kit, the key is to use your products twice a day, every day. If your acne symptoms persist despite a consistent effort to address problem areas, it’s best to consult a dermatologist.

Great skin isn’t made overnight, but following a daily commitment to your skin’s health almost certainly will pay off over time, with clearer, more acne-free skin.

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