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How to Minimise & Shrink Pores

How to Minimise & Shrink Pores


How to Minimise & Shrink Pores

Large Pores Explained

Pores are the small openings on your skin, where the body’s natural sebum is released onto the surface. They’re usually most apparent in the T-zone, and the size of them is usually fixed and determined by genetics – but factors like age and repeated sun exposure can cause them to appear larger and more noticeable. Pores can also become clogged with dirt, oil and dead skin to form a dreaded pimple – unless you keep up an effective cleansing and exfoliating regime!

How can I minimise large pores?

While the size of your pores is largely dictated by your genes, there are things you can do to make them appear smaller. Look for product formulations that have oil-absorbing alpha or beta hydroxyl acids, which loosen dead skin so it can be swept away. This dead skin can accentuate the size of pores, so removing it can help leave skin looking smoother and more even.

Products with retinol, a form of vitamin A, are also effective in minimising large pores, and can be beneficial for the skin’s overall appearance, for a more youthful and fresh visage. It’s important to remember that products that contain retinol could make your skin more sensitive to the sun – so use a sunscreen with at least factor 15 if you notice sensitivity.

If you apply makeup on a daily basis, start with a light layer of oil-free foundation in a matte finish. If your skin is too shiny, it can make your pores seem more prominent, so go for the dewy matte finishes wherever you can. If you feel your skin is getting shinier throughout the day, a dusting of translucent powder or a blotting sheet can clear it right up and prevent colour pigments from building up around the edges of your pores.

As ever, here at Neutrogena® we recommend that you consult your dermatologist or physician for proper diagnosis and treatment before starting any skincare routine.

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